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Architect: Fuse Architects Inc.
Builder: Hagen and Colbert
Interiors: Owner
Pajaro Dunes, California / 2020 / 1,521 SF

This home, nestled in the Pajaro Dunes sand, was purchased by our clients to serve as a retreat from the city. The idea was to take the existing house and give it new life—one that met the needs and aesthetics of our designer clients. Although the shape and form of the remodeled home remains relatively unchanged from its original design, we closely collaborated with our clients to take advantage of the ocean’s proximity by opening up the walls and providing framed views of the coast line. We chose to utilize a dark cedar exterior to ground the home within the surrounding dunes, and a contrasting natural cedar to accentuate the point of entry. The interior of the home remains clean, simple, and minimal to accentuate a light-filled space that allows the natural outdoor landscaping to be the focus. The high level of detailing, both on the exterior and interior, captures a simple yet complex design that makes this project a testament to a successful collaboration of owner, architect, and builder.