Favorite Hobbies?
Being with my little girl is fun—she enhances anything she touches. Being with my wife is fun—she makes everything right. Love golfing, playing basketball, watching sports, drinking coffee, visiting breweries, hiking and traveling. My non-local sports affiliations align with the New York Jets and Toronto Blue Jays. I'm also a huge fan of outdoors + music (it's the way music should be heard - especially Chicken Fried). I would love to learn how to play the 4-stringed Uke and also secretly learn Japanese so I can understand when my wife and mother-in-law are talking about me.

Buildings you like/dislike the most?
I love Tadao Ando's work—specifically the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. And seeing an Eichler home while driving is a recipe for airbags to deploy. I justify it as making sure my anti-lock brakes work. They are beautiful distractions.

Why do you love what you do?
I drive to the beach everyday. Once there, I'm working with and for genuinely great people. I'm allowed to pretty consistently get into a state of Flow with my work where I'm walking that line of being challenged while having fun. Design marries that; creating functional form with various boundaries while in collaboration is a fluid puzzle and it's completion is a reward I've yet to be disappointed by.

Your cliffnote Bio?
Courtney was supposed to write mine, but alas, I type away...My childhood smelled like garlic; I was raised in the garlic capital of the world, Gilroy, CA and my late father was the Executive Director of the annual Garlic Festival for some 20 years. My brother and I were naturally cheap labor every summer (well not even cheap since we were volunteers) but those festivals were my first taste of being a hard worker. That carried through to my brief stint at In N' Out during high school, to my education at the University of Arizona and now into my career—which is only fitting for this field of work (In N' Out as well—you've seen those drive-thru lines). Upon graduating with my Bachelor's degree in Architecture, I was honored as a Finalist for the AIA's Design Excellence Award (1 of 4 in my studio of 50) for my Capstone design project, which paid homage to my dad. I've been working on high-end custom residential projects in the area since 2006, from Pebble Beach to Atherton, and have really grown to love this part of California. My wife and daughter are my world and a Jets' win is a good Sunday (although those have come few and far between lately). When I'm not working, I'm usually getting covered in stickers by my little one or engaging in activities suitable for a 2-year old in our little Willow Glen bubble.