Dan Townsend

Favorite Hobbies?
Designing, surfing, snowboarding, motocross, pickleball, beach volleyball, tennis, wakesurfing. I have S-ADD (Sports attention deficit disorder)

Buildings you like/dislike the most?
The buildings that I like the most are the ones where art and engineering are evident, and the ones that make me ask, "How'd they do that?"

Why do you love what you do?
The business of architecture has never felt like work to me. Designing buildings and spaces is something that I must do. From a very young age I have been very observant of the natural and built environment, taking mental note of shapes, textures, colors, materials, and forms that work well together. I love to compose these, and ultimately see the building or space used for its intended purpose. That is the joy of architecture.

Your cliffnote Bio?
I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was a freshman in High School. I was fortunate to have a very zealous high school architecture teacher. He introduced me to the greater world of design. I decided in my junior year of high school that the College of Architecture at University of Arizona was my school of choice. I graduated from the UofA College of Architecture in 1998. Dan Gomez (a classmate) and I started our own practice in 2000. Our similar interests in and outside of the office keep our focus in the same direction. Now, our Fuse family has grown. The passion for designing great buildings and spaces is as strong as ever. I feel very fortunate to have a very talented group here. We design and we build what we design: from furniture to light fixtures, to complete buildings and spaces. I enjoy all aspects of this business. We have fun here.