Favorite Hobbies?
I draw stuff and I make stuff—currently, I am really interested in glass typewriter keys and the line patterns that highways create on printed maps. I most recently picked up welding and pottery. Interested in learning how to make glass sculpture and possibly skydiving.

Buildings you like/dislike the most?
Buildings, art and feelings...too many to list.

Your cliffnote Bio?
I have been faced with writing a brief bio before...this is usually how it goes: "...My name is court...DELETE...My name is Courtney Christiansen I have six Olympic gold medals, I can swim the butter... ed. DELETE! Okay, more serious....

Okay, start easy...Hello my name is Courtney, I went to a great school and I work here at this awesome architecture firm (Fabulous ends in "us", coincidence? Probably not.)

I would like to say that I am pretty happy with how life is panning out so far. Mornings; I wake to my reflection in the mirror as I chant positive affirmations in a song-like falsetto. I have a loyal canine side-kick that has webbed feet, however, possesses an irrational fear of the ocean. One may say that I am an exceptionally gifted napper and also, I may be persuaded to drive you to the airport at inopportune times of the night.

I am enamored with every iteration of design and design process; I enjoy being around others that collaborate in that process.

Preoccupied by how things function - taking things apart and putting them back together is enchanting. I teach Scuba Diving and have an ability to retain large amounts of information regarding sea creatures and how a human body manages various gases

Disproportionate shapes and poorly paired colors make me uncomfortable.
Correct spelling is necessary—However, is not a measure of intelligence.
Simplicity of character, simplicity in design.

"...That's how Dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far."