Favorite Hobbies?
Surfing, camping, mountain biking, and admiring architecture while eating good food around the world.

Buildings you like/dislike the most?
Mason St. Peter for his neutral color pallet and fine detail. Joseph Eichler for his straight lines, colors, atriums and courtyards. Tadao Ando for his use of concrete and empty space, his designs are futuristic yet wildly simple and minimal with lots of empty space. Zaha Hadid for her organic lines and futuristic design. I really admire her design at the Guangzhou Opera House, it feels like you're standing inside of a mushroom in space.

Why do you love what you do?
I love what I do because I love watching ideas come to life. There is a slow yet instant gratification that comes with this job.

Your cliffnote Bio?
Outside of Fuse as a _________ (architectural staff/design assistant, they haven't picked my title yet) I am a professional longboard surfer by day and student by night. I have been competing in longboarding for about 10 years and have traveled all over the world. I am in the design world because I love challenging the creative side of my brain and design within spaces has been my favorite way to do so.