Russell Simpkins, Project Manager/Photographer

Russell Simpkins | Project Manager

simpkins at fusearchitecture

Favorite Hobbies? Drumming, designing buildings just for fun, mountain biking, photography, hiking, and everything else outdoors. 

Buildings you like/dislike the most? I dislike the Portland Building by Michael Graves not only because it is purely decorative, but also because it is the inverse of functionality inside and out. I LOVE many buildings, let's start with the Bullitt Center by Miller Hull for urban activation and sustainability, the UK pavilion by Heatherwick for it's intrigue, the Salk Institute by Louis Kahn for the incredible design of space, light, and site placement, and finally Tverrfjellhytta by Snohetta because it's impossible to pronounce and for its simplistic, uber sexiness. 

Why do you love what you do? Every building offers a unique opportunity, that's what makes them so fun to design. Architecture is a perfect blend of artistic expression and technical solution; the joy of walking through a space that came from your pencil is a feeling like none other. 

Your cliffnote Bio? I was drawn to architecture at a very young age. Perhaps it was the endless hours of Lego fun or the challenge of drawing something that existed abstractly in my head. I simply gravitated towards the built environment. Graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo with a Bachelors of Architecture and a minor in Construction Management, I spent the first leg of my career working for the largest architecture firms in the world. Although the fierce competition allowed me to hone my skills for design and critical thinking, the corporate environment didn't quite suit me as a Santa Cruz native. I love what I do, but I love living life as well, that's why I moved to the Fuse family. You see, staying nimble at work means catching the occasional wave or crushing some single track madness, quick reflexes and focus are earned after you can rally the ping pong ball with Dan Gomez or return Townsend's ridiculous serve, and a great team becomes a family over a barbecue on first Fridays. Great work demands great people, and all of the stuff we do outside of work helps us to provide you with the best service and skill possible.