Robyn Kleffman | Interior Designer

robyn at fusearchitecture

Favorite Hobbies? Spending time with fiance/friends/family, playing with my dog Daisy, running, dance, yoga, nutrition, cooking, and traveling 

Interiors you like the most? I am inspired by spaces that are well curated, thoughtfully designed, have a unique personality, and incorporate items from a variety of cultures, eras and styles. I gather inspiration from Steven Harris Architects, Rees Roberts and Nate Berkus. I also look to fashion in my work, especially Alexander McQueen.

Why do you love what you do? I love creating spaces that bring joy and ease to people's lives, while reflecting the client's individual personality. I believe that the environments you occupy have a direct effect on your quality of life, therefore it's important to surround yourself with environments that support you and your goals. Working with a variety of clients, vendors and contractors is incredibly rewarding and educational.

Your cliffnote Bio? My first love was design, but after many years in gymnastics I decided to study nutrition in college. After my undergraduate at Cal Poly, my love for design took over and I decided to go back to school for interior architecture and design. I know I made the right choice of design as my career as I crave the creative outlet and working on a variety of design projects in such a collaborative environment. Living in Santa Cruz and getting to work as a designer is a dream come true!