Peter stoll | Job Captain

peter (at) fusearchitecture

Favorite Hobbies? Skiing, surfing, and anything else that's exhausting and gets me into the outdoors. 

Buildings you like/dislike the most? Like: Therme Vals, Peter Zumthor is the all-time master of using light and movement as raw materials. It's a subtle, but awe-inspiring place. Dislike: Penn Station, under Madison Square Garden in New York, is not just a terrible  way to arrive in a great city. They also tore down a great building to make it happen. 

Why do you love what you do? The opportunities to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way to people's lives, and to the communities that they belong to. On a more personal level, the demand for simultaneous analytical and creative thinking in architecture is something I find really fulfilling. 

Your cliffnote Bio? I began my undergraduate career as an English Literature and Studio Art double major. That - much like my childhood desire to be a National Geographic photographer - didn't last very long. My ambition to lead a well-rounded, critical and creative, holistically challenging life quickly led me into studying architecture, where I took history and anthropology classes in addition to design studios. I sought to better understand not only buildings themselves but also the relationships between people and their built environment - homes, places of work, cultural institutions, and infrastructure. 

After four years at Connecticut College and DIS-Copenhagen, and several summers working for both small local firms and leading international architecture firms in my native New York, I graduated in 2015 and promptly drove across the country to join the team at Fuse Architects. As the youngest member of the Fuse team, I bring my enthusiasm, 90's child computer savvy, and desire to learn to every project I'm a part of. When I'm not in the office, you can probably find me at The Point, or at Kirkwood, or in the deep, deep depths of the Wikipedia rabbit hole while simultaneously listening to a great podcast.